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Welcome to the online store for Good Stuff Sales LLC, I am Cindy and with my husband David we sell consignment stuff for others.  Much of the stuff we sell is on eBay, but as times are always changing, we decided to provide a simple selling experience here on the Web at

Currently we sell a lot of electronic things and Collins Radio stuff that David has collected over the years. We also do consignment selling for others as well. We have a link to our eBay sales in here somewhere.

Selling Experience

There are many steps involved in providing an excellent customer experience. We would like to show you the GoodStuffSales selling process. It is somewhat unique as much of the stuff we sell is vintage or collectable (is that the same thing?) and frequently one of a kind items.

  1. Locate interesting stuff
  2. Clean up the stuff we get
  3. Make sure all the stuff works great
  4. Describe the stuff in our advertising so there are no secrets
  5. Pack and protect sold stuff to ensure it arrives perfect.
  6. Be smart in how it is shipped to provide the best price experience.
  7. Provide the safety of PayPay payments, and the flexibility of check payments if desired.
  8. You CAN call us, email for our phone number, or we can call you.

note: truth is, the smaller the shipping cost, the larger the profit. Customers are only willing to pay so much, and shipping is always part of that much.

Inventory Details

GoodStuffSales is a specialty store, we don’t have large quantity’s of everything.  In some cases we might only have one, which could cause it to be unavailable if it was already sold.  If this ever happens, we will notify you and give you a chance to cancel the remaining order if you took advantage of our combined shipping discounts.  We are very personal with our service, and have been selling worldwide for over 20 years. Hope you enjoy your visit. Cindy