• International Customers: We can send you accurate shipping/Total cost estimates. Just cut and past the contents of your shopping cart into the message box, and let us know how you want it shipped. Using the shopping cart is safe, no sale occurs until you log on to PayPal and agree to pay there.  Once you have sent us the order, you can either delete all items by clicking the red ‘X’ or just leave our web-store.  If you have any questions please contact us first.
  • Verify if an unusual item is still available.  For many items there is only a few available, for many we have only had one ever. We will not ship partial orders without contacting you first.  You will always have the option of either canceling the entire order, or receiving refund for the  unavailable item(s).
  • Ask questions about products or make comments on the website
  • Use this form to request our phone number.

Mail Orders Welcome

If you want to pay by check or money order, first put a hold on your selections by emailing us a list using the form below. You can use the same method for getting the last as we detailed for our International Customers. One we receive your email we will hold those items for a maximum of 10 days while USPS delivers your order. Our address is:

Good Stuff Sales LLC; ATTN: Internet Sales; 12412 Buffalo Rd; Anamosa IA 52205; USA

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