Collins Surplus Store and Stuff #1

Collins Surplus Store Favorites #1

I have had the joy of visiting the Collins Surplus store also known as inventory disposal since 1972.  I was very sad indeed when Rockwell Collins closed it down around 8 years ago.  Here are some of the more interesting Collins Radio items we have sold on eBay.

Collins Radio circa 1975, notice Rockwell emblem

Collins Radio component selection guidelines

Process was important to Arthur Collins, by using right process and continually improving it he was able to repeatedly produce some of the highest quality communications equipment in the world.  The Component selection guide above is just one example.  They had workmanship standards that detailed component assembly, mechanical construction, and defined acceptable tolerances.  All of these contributed to the Collins Success Story.

Collins Surplus Store Blue Cube

Before integrated circuits, there was the Collins blue cube

Collins Radio made avionics equipment, they made communications gear for spacecraft too.  Size and weight was always important.  Well before there were integrated circuits, Collins used these blue cubes to compactly produce commonly used circuitry.  once completed, it was just another part, if it failed, it was replaced like just another part. Encapsulation helped with temperature and environment problems as well.  When op amps and other integrated circuits were finally in production, the blue cube was designed out. These were a common find at the Collins Surplus Store.

Very early SSB book

One of the best SSB (single side band) theory books written. Published by Collins Radio

Collins Radio was always inventing things to make radios better.  When single sideband started gaining favor, a compact size and precise bandwidth filter was needed to aid in radio design.  To that end Collins perfected the mechanical filter, and still makes them today.

Collins Surplus Store S-Line knobs

Three Collins Radio S-Line knobs, one with set screw

Collins Surplus Store wide dial receiver bezel

For every radio there are extra parts, a wide dial receiver bezel

It seemed like there were always interesting fab parts to be found.  It was like little store rooms existed all through the Collin Radio / Rockwell Collins facilities.  When spring cleaning time arrived some of these areas would be attacked and their contents would dutifully arrive at the Collins Surplus store for the lucky ones to find.  I know, because I certainly found my share.

NOT Collins Surplus Store: 75A-4 Receiver

75A-4 Receiver, Pilot production line #1

This was not a Collins surplus store find. We were honored to have the privilege to sell the above 75A-4 on consignment quite a few years back.  Collins equipment was made to a very high standard.  We wrote a special blog about this radio, click on the picture to read it.